Royal Air Charters


RAC & The Guild of Air Traffic Controllers of Zambia

Royal Air Charters is proud to continue its support for the Guild of Air Traffic Controllers of Zambia (GATCOZ). We sponsor the Air Traffic Controller’s Fundraising Ball, and facilitate the travel of members to the International Air Controllers’ Conference in North Africa.

Our support of the wider industry reflects our commitment to safety and ensuring a level playing field exists for our industry partners, suppliers and competitors alike.

“We are extremely grateful to Royal Air Charters for generously providing financial and
material support to GATCOZ. At a time of need, you provided us with financial support to host fundraising ventures and facilitating for the sponsorship of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) to attend important international conferences and also provided air transport for carrying ATCOs to the annual general aviation activities aimed at enhancing better understanding and good working relationship between Controllers, Pilots and Aircraft Operators. We thank you and shall remain deeply indebted to you for your sponsorship.”

Zephania Sholobela

RAC & Education

Our team participates in career fairs at both private and community schools, where we do our utmost to motivate students to one day enter the aviation industry. We also welcome school children on educational tours, so that they can experience first – hand, what it entails to work in aviation.

We consider it a unique privilege to meet and engage with so many bright and precocious young minds.

The ISL Pre School children have been lucky enough to visit Royal Air charters for 4
years now, as part of their unit on learning how transport systems are created to fulfill our needs. This entails the children deciding on a ‘destination’, ‘buying’ an air ticket and ‘packing’ their bags for the airport. The staff at Royal Air Charters have always been nothing short of amazing and accommodating. The children are greeted by friendly ‘passport’ officers and then welcomed aboard the ‘flight’ by the ever smiling cabin crew. This trip has become a highlight on the Pre School calendar for the children as they excitedly head to the airport, with many being very sad that they have to actually come
back! ”

Karen Finn Hedstrom

RAC & the Elephant Charge Zambia

The Elephant Charge is an annual, off road event that challenges teams of cars and motorbikes to complete a gruelling course through the Zambian wilderness. The Charge aims to raise money for conservation in Zambia, with a particular focus on conservation through education.

For five consecutive years, Royal Air Charters has sponsored the Carnivores team, whose swashbuckling jaunts have altogether raised $30,000 for conservation through education. We look forward to their next outing at Fuchs Elephant Charge in 2017, and certainly many more!

“Royal Air Charters has supported the Elephant Charge an annual 4×4 motorsport
challenge that funds 17 conservation projects throughout Zambia. Since 2011, RAC
support has primarily been given through the sponsorship of course checkpoints, including the “gauntlet” checkpoint. Their luxury cold towels have always been a welcome sight for exhausted, dusty chargers. The Carnivore Team, captained by the RAC General Manager Robert Stacey, has also entered the Elephant Charge every year since 2012 and has raised a total of $30,682 with assistance from Royal Air Charters. In 2016, RAC donated a sunset Cessna Caravan flight for sponsors of the Elephant Charge to see previous years’ charge sites. RAC have been an integral supporter of the Elephant Charge for many years and have really helped us make the event the success it is today.”
Sarah Davies

RAC & Conservation South Luangwa

Royal Air Charters continues to support Conservation South Luangwa’s (CSL) efforts in the South Luangwa National Park. In October 2014, they flew Zambia’s first highly trained and specialized wildlife detection dogs from Lusaka to Mfuwe, helping CSL fight the increasing battle against wildlife trafficking. Two and a half years later, the dogs and their handlers have over 40 arrests under their belt and countless pairs of ivory, firearms, leopard skins and illegal bush meat have been confiscated.

In 2017, Royal Air Charters has once again provided air support by flying former Zambian captain Kalusha Bwalya and other Zambian football players to attend and support CSL’s annual conservation fun run and sports day, helping to raise the profile of the event and conservation awareness.

Thank you so much to Royal Air Charters for their unbelievably generous support of the CSL Fun Run and ZCP Carnivore Cup. RAC put on a special flight to fly our national sports icons, including Kalusha Bwalya, to Mfuwe for the weekend. This really made the event the best so far. We would not have been able to bring them here without the support of Royal. What an amazing team!! Thank you Royal.”
Rachel Mcrobb

RAC & Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organisation that operates in the Lower Zambezi. CLZ is committed to the protection of the wildlife in the Lower Zambezi and runs three main programmes: (i) wildlife protection, (ii) environmental education, and (iii) community support; all designed to enable Zambian involvement in conservation efforts and practices. It
has been a privilege for us to facilitate air travel for CLZ management consultants and trainers, and to transport essential equipment to and from Lower Zambezi and Lusaka.

We are also glad to offer technical support with the maintenance of the CLZ plane .The plane, is a vital part of the wildlife protection programme. CLZ aerial patrols are an incredibly effective method of detecting illegal activity – over 50% of poached elephant carcasses were found by the plane last year. Royal Air Charters is happy to assist CLZ in its various fundraising initiatives,
whether we’re facilitating the ‘Change for Conservation’ campaign or offering free flights in auctions, to mention but a few.

“We would like to thank Royal Air Charters for the constant support to CLZ. By helping with transport, logistics and through clearing otherwise ongoing costs such as the landing fees, enables us to focus vital costs on our direct conservation projects in the Lower Zambezi. Their commitment to helping us as an organisation, therefore positively impacts the future of wildlife in the Lower Zambezi, and for that we are very grateful.”
Ian Stevenson


RAC & Women in Aviation

Royal Air Charters recognizes the important role women play in the aviation sector and the Zambian economy in general. For the most recent Women in Aviation conference, whose luncheon event was officiated by the First Lady of the Republic of Zambia Mrs. Esther Lungu, we availed aircraft and ensured all our female staff members were in attendance.

The ladies of Royal Air Charters also participated in this year’s International Women’s Day March, as coordinated by the Ministry of Gender and Child Development. We take our role in championing gender balance every bit as seriously as we take the business of getting Zambian travellers where they need to go.

“Thank you for caring and supporting Women in Aviation- Zambia Chapter wholeheartedly. The great role you have been playing is immeasurable. We are grateful for all your help and continued support.”
Captain Zimba

RAC & Football

The Royal Air Charters football team is sponsored by the company and competes regularly (and heartily) with rival sides from other companies within the industry. We are also accustomed to spirited contests with students from ZASTI (the Zambia Air Services Training Institute), who often have to work hard to overcome our starting eleven!

“On behalf of RAC staff football team, many thanks to management for your generous support during our monthly matches, those in the past and those to come. Through these events we are confident in one another to work as a team, on the field and through our interdepartmental relations. Despite being a busy company, almost throughout the year, this has given us the opportunity to stay healthy with a focused mind during working hours.”
Oscar Phiri